Our Process

Here at iCare, we have a detailed process to make sure your repairs are done quickly, correctly, and at a fair price. We have an exclusive LIFETIME warranty on our parts and labor that’s unmatched in the area, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff is unparalleled.

What You Can Expect

  • A warm welcome from one of our staff
  • A brief discussion about the issues you’re having with your device and your desired resolution
  • Filling out our work order with your contact information, signature, and date
  • A quote for the repairs and length of time before your device is ready

Repair Overview

Once your device is in our queue, one of our skilled, detailed techs will take it to the bench and do a full 27-point inspection to determine functionality before we begin repairs. If we discover that additional parts are needed, we contact you to discuss options and any additional cost prior to going ahead with service. The choice is always yours. Our tech then completes the repair and does the second 27-point check to ensure your device is fully functional. We’ll make any notes about your device that we feel are important for you to know, and then when you return, we’ll talk about those with you so you're aware of anything that may affect your repair experience.

Our Warranty

Our parts (except batteries) are fully covered by our LIFETIME warranty—unmatched in our area. The only exceptions to our warranty are re-breakage of the device, liquid damage before or after repair, customer-supplied parts (due to quality control issues), having the device serviced elsewhere prior-to or after we repair it, being unable to run pre- and post-checks, soldering, and software services.

We work very hard to ensure you're happy with your repair and service at iCare!