Computer Repair

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You depend on your computer for your work, leisure, and communication with friends and family. What do you do when it breaks?

You call iCare!

We offer complete computer repair services for most models of Windows PCs and Macs, desktop or laptop, including:

  • LCD replacement
  • hard drive repair or replacement
  • RAM upgrades and installation
  • keyboard replacement
  • video card installation
  • power supply installation
  • virus/malware/adware/bloatware removal
  • data backups
  • formatting and installation of operating systems
  • operating system upgrades
  • charge port soldering
  • battery replacement
  • laptop hinge repair
  • trackpad repair, and so much more!

When you choose iCare for your computer repair needs, we talk with you about what issues you’re having and what you’d liked fixed. We start with a 23-point inspection, so we have a complete picture of what might be causing the issues, and then we’ll contact you to discuss options and prices so you’re able to make an informed decision. When you elect to go ahead with the repair, we order new, quality parts and complete the work in a timely fashion. Once we’re done, we do post-repair checks to ensure everything is working correctly and ready to go.

You can’t go wrong with iCare’s computer services, even if you don’t live in the area. We’ll happily accept mail-in repairs from anywhere in the U.S.A.


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