Our Morning in the Spotlight: Kristi Larson Visits iCare

5/26/2017 - Rebecca Larson 

week we were fortunate enough to be featured on Valley Today with Kristi Larson. To start off, James and I have no idea how that morning show staff gets up so early. We were here at 4:30am and ready to go. It was a lot of fun and really helped build awareness for us and hopefully was a great tool to educate the viewers. I've attached links to some of our interviews below - please take a minute to watch them. They are only a couple minutes long so it won't take up much of your time.

Valley Today: Phone Repairs and Protection- Overview of what we can do


Valley Today: Phone Repairs and Protection- Why you shouldn't do it yourself

Valley Today: Phone Repairs and ProtectionThe importance of backing up your device and using proper cables

Valley Today: Phone Repairs and ProtectionWater damage, what to do and not to do

Valley Today: Phone Repairs and ProtectionWhy choose iCare Electronic Repair


Pros and Cons of Fidget Spinners

5/15/2017 - Rebecca Larson

Fidget Spinners have become THE hot commodity for the moment. Both kids and adults want them and teachers are speaking out against them because they are a classroom distraction.

The smooth spinning action of the spinners are both relaxing and entertaining. My son and I have turned it into a game of 'who can have it spin unassisted the longest?'. It gives us some together time which can be difficult when you have a teenager. For me, fidget spinners have found a way for my teenager to spend time with me again.

My 7-year old niece struggles with ADHD and this past weekend I saw her while visiting my Mom for Mother's Day - she has a fidget spinner and it helps her to concentrate better. Something she really struggles with on a daily basis. I don't know how it works, but it does! All I know is that I am a better writer when I'm listening to music - I don't know how that works, but it does. Maybe a Neurologist could explain?

So, in the end, fidget spinners are most likely a fad that will fade as fast as it started - don't wait to long to get on board because before you know it they'll disappear from store shelves never to return.

We have more spinners arriving this week and fidget cubes coming soon!! Watch Facebook/Instagram for updates. 


The DIY No-No: Repairing Your SmartPhone

05/08/2017 - Rebecca Larson 

We live in a society where we have become accustomed to doing things ourselves. For example, buying a house, flipping it on our own, and instantly become a billionaire. Well, not exactly, but you get where I'm going with that.

When it comes to repairing your own smartphone we highly recommend having a professional take care of that for you. Why? We're not saying that because we want your business (obviously we do), but because we've seen dozens of times when someone tried to repair their phone on their own and in turn they destroyed their device and left it completely unusable.

Phones are like cars, there are many components that go into making them work, replace a part improperly and car will no longer run. 

Allow the professionals to handle the repair for you - they have all the necessary parts, tools and training to do it better and faster than you ever could. Plus the phone will work when you're done! This is one of those time when spending the money is definitely worth it. 

Curious how much it will cost to have us repair it for you? Give us a call today 701-298-7786 and we'll give you a quote by phone. Or, if you'd prefer you can send us a private message on Facebook as well!



How to Tell Cool Free Apps From Dangerous Ones

5/05/2017 - Rebecca Larson 

With all the apps that are added to Google Play or the App Store it can feel impossible to know which ones are safe and which are dangerous to install on your phone. 

Before downloading a new app, check out this article and follow the steps: How to Tell Cool Free Apps from Dangerous Ones 

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To Case or Not to Case, That is the Question 

5/04/2017 - Rebecca Larson 

In the four years our store has been open we've repaired thousands of smartphone screens that are cracked for one reason or another. The reasons, while sometimes entertaining, are completely unnecessary. What if I told you that you could save yourself money and keep your phone in great shape? The answer may seem obvious, but every day we talk with people who refuse (for one reason or another) to do one simple thing - put a case on their phone.

Smartphones are an investment. It's like buying a small portable computer for yourself. To protect that investment you should, without a doubt, put a case on your 'portable computer'. A screen protector (tempered glass) will also help protect your screen. Together, the two things will work together to protect your phone from cracks and scratches. Is it a guarantee that you won't get a cracked screen? No. Nothing is guaranteed in life, but putting a case on your investment is like wearing a seatbelt - it's a safety measure.

Would you rather spend a hundred dollars or more on a screen repair or spend $35 on a good case? It's a no-brainer really.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

4/28/2017 - Rebecca Larson

After the fiasco that was the Samsung Note 7 and it's exploding battery, Samsung recently released its redemption...the S8. The reviews of this new device are positive and some are calling it the most attractive phone on the market. The display on the S8 covers nearly the entire phone. They also removed the home button and went to all touch screen. In the below image you'll see the S8 (left) compared to last year's release S7 Edge (right).

Check out the full review on Gizmodo



An Obscure App Flaw Creates Backdoors In Millions of Smartphones

4/28/2017 - Rebecca Larson

Researchers from the University of Michigan have identified hundreds of applications in Google Play that leave your smartphone vulnerable to hackers. Do we have your attention?

Check out the full article here: